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Why we wear the uniform

Why we wear the uniform

All students are equal

People judge one another by their appearance. It can shape expectations and influence reactions, often inaccurately. The wearing of a uniform helps to ensure that people are not misjudged as individuals and learners.

The forces of fashion are very strong.  Without a uniform, many students would compete in the fashion stakes - a costly exercise. The winners would be those who could afford it. This would divide our school. By wearing a uniform we identify as one group.  Without it, there would be splinter groups based on clothing styles. 

Uniforms help us make our school safe.  We can easily identify people who should not be in the school and who place students at risk.  We can also identify you if you need assistance.  Your uniform says "You are one of us!"

Members of a team

We all enjoy and take pride in being part of a successful team.

The community supports us in wearing our school's uniform, showing we are proud of our achievements and the benefits of being part of our team.

Preparation for work

Most workplaces have dress codes or uniforms these days.  A visit to local businesses, banks, corporations and even supermarkets and shops will highlight this. Therefore, our School Policy reflects the workplace and prepares students for a life after school.

But we are all individuals

This statement is true, and in a way, by wearing a uniform we are foregoing some of that individuality. However, we can express our individuality in many ways through our achievements and contributions in academic, sporting, musical, social, technological and creative aspects of school life.

Students unable to present to school in correct school uniform because of a short-term emergency should present a note to their roll teacher.  Mrs Wilson-Babic will then issue a Uniform Pass. A stock of uniforms is held by the school to allow students to change into uniform on arrival, if necessary.

Families that are experiencing financial difficulties can request assistance for uniform by contacting Ms Wilson-Babic at the school.

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