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Remis Insurgite - Rise to Your Oars.

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Toronto High School Canteen 

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Toronto High School Canteen has online ordering facility  available at
Ordering online is our preferred option.


Quick Guide To Signing Up & Placing An Order

1. Download the Spriggy Schools app on the App Store or Google Play store, or

go to the website

2. Click “Register”.

3. Enter your parent details.

4. Click “Sign up”.

5. Verify your email address by clicking on the link in the verification email that

was sent to you.

6. Click on "Add Child."

7. Enter your child's name, select your child’s school and their class/year group.

8. Select any allergies that apply.

9. Click "Add Child."

10. Now click on "Go to Orders."

11. You are now ready to order!

12. Starting from the order screen, select which child you would like to order for

(if you have more than one😊) by clicking the drop-down menu at the top

left of the screen.

13. Click on “Canteen Orders.”

14. Tap the highlighted dropdown menu in-line with the week number below to

select which week you would like to order for.

15. Click on “Recess” for the recess menu, or “Lunch” for the lunch menu under

the day of the week you would like to order for.

16. Select what you would like to order for your child by selecting the item and

then tapping 'Add to Cart.'

17. If you are happy with your order and are ready to proceed to checkout. Tap

'Go to Cart.’

18. If you're sure you are happy with your order, tap 'Place Order'.

19. No problem at all if you make a mistake or change your mind about your

order - you can easily edit or cancel your order up until the cut-off time on

the date of the order.

20. You will then be asked to top up your account. Choose a top up amount and

click “confirm order.”

21. Add a payment method by clicking “Add credit or debit card.”

22. Enter your card details.

23. Click “purchase.”

24. Finally, after you have confirmed your order, your order should now be

processed and your screen should show a green tick. You should also receive

an order confirmation email.

25. Click “Go to Orders” to get back to the home page.

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