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BYOD - Bring Your Own Device

"Bring your own device" (BYOD) refers to students bringing a personally owned device to school for learning.

Toronto High School students will have the opportunity to bring their laptop or tablet to school and connect to the DEC wireless network to enhance their learning.

Wireless connectivity:
The department’s Wi-Fi network installed in high schools operates on the 802.11ac or 802.11an or 802.11acn (note that the ‘a’ refers to the 5 GHz standard. ‘c’ or ‘n’ refer to the speed – they will both work).
Devices that do not support this standard will not be able to connect.

Operating system:
We recommend Microsoft Windows 10 or 11.

Microsoft Office 365. Adobe Creative Cloud (including Photoshop full version and Premiere Pro).  Microsoft Defender or similar. All software and apps should be fully updated. Many programs are available free for DEC students via NSW Student Portal with license registered under their student ID.

Battery life:
A minimum of 6 hours battery life to last the school day. We recommend 10 hours battery life.

Processor, Hard Disk and RAM:
Intel Core i5 or i7.
Hard Disk: Solid State Drive preferred.  128GB storage (256 GB recommended)
RAM:  8 GB RAM minimum to process and store data effectively.

Hardware features:
Camera and microphone.

Reasonable sized screen and a sturdy keyboard to enable continuous use throughout the day.

Other considerations
We do not recommend Tablets, Chromebooks or iOS devices. Classroom activities at THS currently utilise predominantly PC based software.

CPU: Minimum Dual Core CPU.

Casing: Tough and sturdy to avoid breakage.

Weight: Lightweight for ease of carrying.

Durability: Durable and strong.

Mouse: If students wish to use an external mouse, they must supply their own.
Carry case: 
Supply a carry case or skin to protect the device.


Insurance and warranty: Be aware of the terms of insurance policies/warranties for the device. The school will not accept responsibility for loss or breakage.

Back-up storage: Purchase a portable hard drive as an appropriate source of back-up storage for essential documents.


Please click on BYOD Information (PDF 590KB) for detailed information regarding the selection of suitable laptops or tablets.

This BYOD Information also includes specific information, from vendors, on their suitable academic packages. These devices can be purchased online via the selected vendor.