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Support Faculty

Toronto High School has a productive Support Unit that caters to students with a range of learning needs, which may include physical and or intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, sensory impairments, and other developmental challenges. The support unit operates within the philosophy of inclusive education, which emphasises the right of every student to learn and participate in all aspects of school life. Students have a voice and are supported to express their views. We encourage students to solve problems, set goals, make decisions and self-advocate, this is valued and developed. Inclusion is embedded in all aspects of school life, and is supported by school culture, policies and everyday practices. We continuously explore innovative strategies to meet the diverse needs of our students. By staying informed about the latest developments in special education, we empower our educators to make informed decisions that positively impact student outcomes. We remain committed to providing students with an education that best meets their individual needs and supports them with learning to their fullest capability.

Students undertake a pattern of study in line with that of mainstream and are supported to access the same curriculum and syllabus outcomes as their peers, in developmentally appropriate ways. Critical to this is student-centred education planning, reasonable adjustments and differentiated teaching, learning and assessment activities. Our teaching methods are grounded in research and evidence. We also acknowledge the importance of parental choice regarding the type of education provided to their child. These cover subjects from all KLA’s, with programs based in both a Life Skills and or mainstream component of relevant syllabus documents. In line with inclusive education principles, students from the support unit integrate into mainstream classes, for example in years 9, 10, 11 and 12 students select mainstream electives, whole school assemblies, presentation nights, year 9 and 10 sport, and sports carnivals. Integration with year group activities is encouraged through participation in camps, excursions, and formals. This promotes social interaction and a sense of belonging for all students. Older students also have the opportunity for further social inclusion in broader areas of our community through taking part in our work experience program and TAFE Access Courses from Year 11.

The support unit is staffed with highly skilled educators who have expertise in special education. These professionals may include special education teachers, aides, and other specialists who work collaboratively to address the unique needs of each student. Students in the support unit have Individualised Education Plans (IEPs) and Individualised Transition Plans (ITPs) that outline specific goals, strategies, and accommodations tailored to their unique learning requirements setting high aspirations for students, with ongoing review.

All Support Unit classes are significantly smaller than mainstream classes and provide students with the opportunity to learn in a safe, supportive and inclusive environment with a smaller student to teacher ratio.

Our Team

Nicole Murray - Head Teacher
Cameron Aspinall
Danielle Hetherington
Natalie Dalziel
Keffa Heaney
Steve Williams
Tegan Sheridan
Duncan McKinlay
Alanna Pike
Jacquiline Taylor
Felicity Love