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Notifying the school

The following are recommended for notifying the school following an absence from school.

Absence notifications 

In accordance with the Education Act 1990, all absences must be explained to the school within 7 days of the absence. Should this explanation not be received within the 7 day period, a letter from the school detailing the absent dates will be forwarded to parents/caregivers, requesting an explanation. The school does send a reminder letter two days after an absence to encourage an explanation to be returned to the school prior to the 7 days.

SMS Notification

Parents/caregivers will receive a daily notification of their child's absence via SMS notification.

Parents/caregivers can immediately respond to the school via SMS with an explanation of their child's absence.

Email Notification

Where parents/caregivers have notified the school they do not wish to be informed of the absence via SMS notification, the absence will be communicated via email. Parents/caregivers can immediately respond to the school via email communication with an explanation of their child's absence.


Changed address or phone number?

Please remember to notify staff in the school office of any changes to your contact details, or the contact details of other people nominated as emergency contacts.

These include:

  • moving house
  • new phone numbers and email address
  • change in emergency contact persons
  • change of living arrangements

Any changes need to be in writing.

Please use the document  Change of student details


A change in healthcare needs

A reminder to parents to notify the school about your child's health.

We welcome information from parents about your child's health, even if you are not requesting specific support from our school.

Our school asks for medical information when you enrol your child.

It is also vital that you let us know if your child's health care needs change or if a new health condition develops.

Information about allergies, medical conditions such as Asthma and Diabetes and other healthcare-related issues (including prior conditions such as medical procedures in the last 12 months) should be provided to the school by parents. 

Please provide this information in writing to the Principal. This will significantly assist our school in planning to support your child's health and wellbeing.

We appreciate your assistance in this regard and assure you that any information you provide the school will be stored securely and will only be disclosed to support your son's or daughter's health needs or as otherwise required by law.