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Secondary Studies

...Integrative learning is an approach where the learner brings together prior knowledge and experiences to support new knowledge and experiences. By doing this, learners draw on their skills and apply them to new experiences at a more complex level. The concept behind integrative learning is that students take ownership of their own learning, becoming critical inquiries who are able to make meaningful connections between different disciplines and utilise critical thinking to real-life problems... (Mansilla, 2008).

The Secondary Studies faculty supports learning in Stage 4 through an integrated approach. Minimising the amount of teacher’s students have supports transition into high school.

Humanities lessons are the integration of History, Geography and English subjects. The concept is for the content of History and Geography to be taught with a focus on Literacy skills.

SUMS lessons are the integration of Science, Mathematics and PDHPE. The concepts learned are then assimilated within a subject called SUMS Connections.

In SUMS Connections, students have the opportunity to work collaboratively to combine numeracy, scientific and PDHPE skills to solve a range of project based problems.

In both Humanities and SUMS students learn 21st Century skills in:

  • Collaboration within group work
  • Communication skills whilst working as a team or individually
  • Problem solving using skills learnt in numeracy, science and PDHPE
  • To demonstrate creativity and/or innovation in solving problems
  • Technology to facilitate learning


Stage 4 - Year 7 and Year 8


  • Humanities
  • Connections

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