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Remis Insurgite - Rise to Your Oars.

Telephone02 4959 1788

Who to Contact

We employ a wide network of people and provide a series of programs to make your time safe and secure at Toronto High School.

Our Student Services team comprises of 

Head Teacher Wellbeing 

Victoria Knezevic

Student Support Officer 

Madelyn Smith (Wed and Fri)

School Counsellors 

Jo Wickham (Mon, Tues and Thurs) (Extended leave)

Miriam Prendeville (Tues, Thurs and Fri)

Scott Gould (Mon, Tues and Wed)

Anti-Racial & Anti-Discrimination Officer

Kath Fotheringham 

Aboriginal Education Officers  

Nicole Charlesworth 

Rhonda Finlay (Wed)

Clontarf Academy

Joe Atkinson 

Matt Kiddle

Cameron Dennis

Our Year Advisors are

Year 7 2022 Jarrad Penfold

Year 7 Ashley Robson

Year 8 Rebecca Field

Year 9 Sarah Crawford

Year 10 Kim Rowland

Year 11 Brenton Remington

Year 12 Candice Little

Boys Advisor

Greg Battle

Girls Advisor

Traci Halliwell

LGBTQIA+ Advisor

Samara Gibson

Careers Advisor

Trevor Connell