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Vocational Education & Training

Vocational Education and Training (V.E.T.) courses are either Board Developed courses, which may contribute to the calculation of an ATAR, or Board endorsed courses.

VET courses give students work-related skills in a variety of industry areas. Students will receive a nationally recognised qualification when they complete their course.

Some VET courses are studied at school while others can be studied at TAFE institutes and other training providers. Many VET courses involve work placement.

Board developed VET courses are available in a number of industry curriculum frameworks, such as hospitality, metals engineering and construction. Only ONE of these Category B subjects can be used in the calculations of an ATAR.

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Toronto High School has a range of VET opportunities for students to provide them with a well balanced study pattern in their senior years.

  • Construction
  • Metals Engineering
  • Hospitality - Kitchen Operations
  • Hospitality - Food and Beverage
  • Retail
  • Business Services
  • Skills for Work - Furniture Making
  • Skills for Work - Design

Vocational Education Courses:

  • Count towards a HSC program of study; lead to a nationally recognised AQF qualification and are recognised by Industry.
  • ONE 240 hour course is eligible for inclusion in the ATAR as a category B Subject and includes a HSC examination.
  • Involve competency based assessment of skills and knowledge.
  • At the completion of the HSC course, students will receive a Certificate of Attainment, listing the units of competency achieved.
  • The HSC examination in VET courses is optional. It consists of a written examination. Students will nominate during the HSC year to undertake the HSC examination or to withdraw.
  • The examination is independent of the competency based assessment undertaken during VET courses. It has no impact on student eligibility for AQF qualifications.
  • Involve 35 hours of Mandatory work placement in each year of study. Work placement is a compulsory.

Download the VET Student Information Guide for 2020 here.

View the Tamworth RTO 90162 VET Induction Presentation.